KGC is a integrated enterprise in producing, machining, sales graphite and carbon products, we have produce line for graphite and carbon products, with all facilites for crushing raw materials, moulding, impregnation, baking, graphitization, machining, and learned poeratores. The annual output could be reach at 5,000 metric tons, and after equitment renovation, the annual out put will be 6,000 metric tons.

With the developing of our business, a new plant was set up for producing graphite materials, including natural graphite materials and synthetic garphite materials, which are applicated in lithium-ion battery produce. Annual out put have been reached at 250 to 300 metric tons, and we have plan to increase our output to 4,000 metric tons per year in 2015. 

After many years cooperation with high quality supplier and agency, we've established a quick and efficiency source of supply line for flake graphite, C-C composite materials, petroleum coke(pet coke), calcined petroleum coke, and graphitized petroleum coke as well.

Besides, we also have a import/export company(Beijing Office), which authorized by MOFCOM(Ministry of Commerce of Peoples' Republic of China) and got export licence for graphite products, ensuring us service clients well.


Our Basements and Branches:

1. XinYuan Carbon Co., Ltd.



2. TianHe Graphitizion Co., Ltd.



3. JiMei New Carbon Co., Ltd.



4. Kaiheng Commerce&Trade Co., Ltd.