Graphite Electrode and Carbon Electrode


We have regular power(RP) graphite electrode, high power(HP) graphite electrode, ultral high power(UHP) graphite electrode, and large diameter carbon electrode. We also could produce one-time impregnated regular power graphite electrode or two-times impreganated regular power graphite electrode as clients requested. 


Graphite Rod and Block


Except graphite electrodes, we produce fine particle size extruded and molded graphite rods and blocks, alos isostatic graphite rod and blocks could be find here. To extruded or molded rods and blocks, particle sizes rang from 0.3mm to 0.8mm, and to isostatic graphite, we can provide rods and blocks which particle sizes at 6 micrometer, 10 micrometer, 20 micrometer......


Flake Graphite and Expandable Graphite


As a kind of natural graphite, comparing with amorphous graphite, flake graphite has many advantages, which make sure it could be use in variour field. We supply high carbon, medium carbon and low carbon flake graphite, include +32mesh, +50mesh, +80mesh, +100mesh, -100mesh, fixed carbon could be 99.9%, 99.5%, 95%, 90%, 80%, or as clients' requirement. Besides, we supply expandable graphite and chunk graphite.


C-C Compisite Materials


All our C-C composite materials, including C-C protecting shells, C-C bolts, C-C nuts, are using vapor deposition processed, with high strength, low specific gravity, expansion coefficient, high temperature resistance, corrosion resistance, abrasion resistance, thermal shock resistance, is wildly used in aerospace, aviation, metallurgy, chemicals, machinery and other industry field.

Besides, we suppy PAN carbon felt, PAN graphite felt, Rayon carbon fetl and Ray graphite felt, which with excellent technical performance.


Petroleum Coke/ Calcined Petroleum Coke/ Graphitizated Petroleum Coke

Petroleum Coke(Pet Coke)     Calcined Petroleum Coke, CPC     Graphitized Petroleum Coke, GPC, Graphitized

Petroleum coke we have, one is produced from sweet crude oil, which have properties that are suitable for calcining are used in carbon anodes for aluminium smelting and electrode for electrodes for are furnaces; and we have cokes from sour crude oil are high in sulfur and trace metals, which are used in fuel applications such as utility boilers and cement kilns.

With our calcined petroleum coke, which calcined from coke come from sweet oil, we made  graphitized petroleum coke with good properties, could be used for electrode or as  carburant.


Graphtie Foil and Felt


Graphite foil and felt we supply has superior sealability, high surface conformity, unlimited shelf life, and no sharp edges, is an excellent sealing material for high temperature, high-pressure transfer of gases, liquids, chemicals.... 


Graphite Materials for Lithium-ion Battery


Using the super-high temperature continuous graphitization technology, we make the innovation in subversion of the traditional production technology and significantly reduce the production cost, improve the various performance of the product and speed up the traditional process of this industry's energy saving and emission reduction. the annual output of lithium battery artifical graphite cathode materials 5000 metric tons.


Other Graphite Products


With our services, we also can produce and machine according to clients' requirements... 

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